light pollution

Excess of light
Here, in the Universe series

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On the second talk of the series “Aqui, no Universo”, Raul Cerveira Lima, of IA, and Martin Pawley, of the Astronomical Group of La Coruña Ío, talk about light, its excesses, and the simple ways individuals, institutions, architecture and urbanism can preserve our contact with the night sky.

IA at the European Researchers’ Night 2021

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From Earth to Space, IA's activities are framed within both European Researcher's Night initiatives in 2021 – science for climate, and environment and sustainability. Among our offer of online and physical activities at Planetário do Porto, Lisbon and Coimbra, there's action and knowledge in IA's programme.

What is hidden in the dark sky

What is hidden beyond the edge of the light, in the darkest areas of the sky? Which frontiers of the unknown await astronomers there, and what challenges have yet to be overcome? Session with Fernando Buitrago, of the University of Valhadolid and IA.