The activities organised by the Science Communication Group at IA involve schools, partners in the field of science communication and media professionals.

Radio telescope ALMA, in Chile (credits: A. Duro/ESO)
Radio telescope ALMA, in Chile (credits: A. Duro/ESO)

We provide the following contacts:
General questions:
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Teachers and Schools:
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Phone numbers:
+351 213 616 731 (IA – Observatório Astronómico de Lisboa)
+351 226 089 835 (IA – Planetário do Porto)


The Science Communication Group is the preferred contact point for media professionals.

The group issues press-releases about research and innovation results produced at the institute and which include many of the topics at the forefront of the scientific and technological research in Astrophysics and Space Sciences.
The group also explains and comments topics related to these fields.

Feel free to reach us at

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Teachers and Schools

The Science Communication group at IA seeks to attract the interest of students in schools and universities to science and scientific research, notably in Astrophysics and Space Sciences.

The group engages school students through a range of activities, including planetarium sessions, talks given by researchers at IA and observations of the night sky with telescopes.

The Science Communication group produces support materials, aimed at teachers of either scientific or non-scientific modules, which can link the school curriculum to Astronomy literacy and the current research in Astrophysics and Space Sciences.

The group also answers questions and requests from teachers, and is available to participate in projects in which its expertise can be an added value.

The IA is a scientific partner institution of the programmes Cientificamente Provável and Clubes Ciência Viva. 

Please, feel free to reach us at

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