IA Summer Program 2024

IA Summer Program

How far do you dare to go? IA Summer Program 2024 is your gateway to outer space. It will run from 8 to 26 July.

The program involves hands-on training in methods, techniques and processes of research in Astrophysics and Space Sciences. You will develop a research project in one of the fascinating science and science communication fields at the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences (IA).

You will be supervised and supported by IA researchers or science communicators, and at the final seminar (online) you will present the discoveries you’ve made along the journey. Apply until 3 June (details below).

Format of the program:

  • The program includes both in-person and online projects. Some projects may accept both modes of participation, others may accept only in-person or only online participation.
  • For projects with both modes of participation, each student must either participate fully online or fully in-person. There is no hybrid format per student.
  • The in-person projects might take place in Lisbon, Porto or Coimbra, depending on the project.

There are no fees and the program is free to participants. Participation is subject to an application process and the selection of candidates by a jury.

Participants are expected to dedicate to the program at least 6 hours per day during weekdays. The online sessions/meetings will be scheduled in the time window of 9:00 to 18:00 (Lisbon time, UTC+1).

IA Summer Program is open to Portuguese and international Bachelor or Master students, and is delivered in Portuguese and/or English.

Students must arrange their own accommodation or transportation, if and when applicable. There will be no scholarships nor allowances as part of this program.

How to apply

To apply, please fill this form until the 3 June. The results will be announced until the 17 June.

Apply to IA Summer Program

Important Dates

Phase 1

Application to the IA Summer Program 2024

  • 1. Opening of Applications : 30 April
  • 2. Closing of Applications : 3 June
  • 3. Applications Results Announcement : until 17 June

Phase 2

Application of selected candidates to Projects

  • 4. Opening of Application to Projects : 17 June
  • 5. Closing of Application to Projects : 19 June
  • 6. Projects Allocation Announcements : until 27 June

Start of IA Summer Program : 8 July
End of IA Summer Program : 26 July

Requirements of IA Summer Program

  • Personal computer for independent work
  • for online projects and final seminar:
    • Internet connection
    • Webcam and microphone

Minimum achievements required to be entitled to the IA Summer Program certificate:

  • Present your work at the final seminar (online).
  • Attend at least 90 % of the project meetings (online or in-person).
  • Present results for every proposed exercise during the program.
  • Participate actively in the discussion of the results.
  • Participate in the opening session of the IA Summer Programme.
  • Have the video option turned on during all online project meetings.

For questions, please contact

What past participants said

“It was really helpful to decide what I want to study and do in my future as a student.”

“It has helped me understand what really is astrophysics and what researchers do.”

“I was looking for a starting point for my journey. This programme has provided me with that.”

“The mentors were super friendly and it was wonderful interacting with them.”