The Science Communication group at IA, together with its partners, develops projects at a national and international scale in the field of Astronomy and Space Sciences communication.

In this page you can find information about ongoing projects, as well as an archive of projects already completed.

If you wish to suggest a project in partnership with the Science Communication group at IA, please get in touch using the e-mail .



Ler + Espaço

Motivate youngsters to Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science subjects through inspiring readings.

IAstro Júnior

Inspiring young people and adults to get involved in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science and promoting Astronomy Literacy in entertaining educational sessions for the whole family.

Ignite IAstro Tour

Bringing the communication of Astrophysics and Space Sciences to towns and cities far away from the main urban areas.

Viver Astronomia

Informal education programme in astronomy that makes use of the practice of science communication as a way to enhance formal science education, and stimulate the development of communication skills.

Noites no Observatório

Inviting the public to experience the Universe, on the last Saturday of every month, through lectures and observations of the night sky with telescopes.


IAstro Summer Internships

Get in touch with research in astrophysics and cosmology and science communication at the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences

Astronomy Literacy

Definition of global goals in astronomy education and development of educational resources.


Using Astronomy to promote the development of the Portuguese speaking countries.

With the participation of IA

A Criar com Scratch!

National programming competition using Scratch and based on Universe-related themes

Past projects

Stars that shine through time

Remembering thirteen historical characters in Astronomy to celebrate 100 years of the International Astronomical Union

Mars 2030

Researchers from different areas talk with the public about the possibilities and the challenges of living on the red planet.

Astronomy and Design

To inspire future designers with the opportunities and specific challenges of science communication.