CoAstro: an Astronomy “condo”

In the same space: an astronomer/ astrophysicist, a science communicator and a primary school teacher.


  • Make available, for students and their families, initiatives and projects in the field of Astronomy, coordinated by professionals from that area.
  • Increase the understanding of astronomy-related content and, above all, of its processes, allowing the teacher to access a variety of resources, initiatives and projects that may enhance his/her daily work.
  • Have an astronomy researcher as a work partner in his/her daily work, as well as a science communicator specialized in transposing contents and processes in astronomy to the younger public.

Visit the website of the project (in Portuguese).

Elements of CoAstro:

  • Researchers from Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (IA);
  • Science communicators at IA;
  • Primary school teachers.

Final recipients:

Primary school students and their families.


  1. Gathering CoAstro teams – until December
  2. Participation in the kickoff event of the project – January
  3. Collaboration stage between researchers, science communicators and teachers – until July

Collaboration stage – all included in it will be defined colaboratively between the CoAstro elements, at the project’s kickoff event. It will include, at least:

  1. Visit(s) of the researcher and science communicator to the schools, collaborating in the implementation of activities for children and their families;
  2. Visit(s) of the teacher (and eventually his/hers students) to IA;
  3. Permanent support, by the researcher and/or science communicator, of the teacher’s work;
  4. Participation of the teacher in the work being developed at IA’s research group on “Origin and Evolution of Stars and Galaxies”.

Registration here.



  • Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço
  • Unidade de Ensino das Ciências da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto
  • Planetário do Porto – Centro Ciência Viva