Mais perto das Estrelas

Monthly cycle of astronomical observations

Mais Perto das Estrelas


Mais perto das Estrelas (Closer to the Stars) is a monthly cycle of astronomical observations, on the nights of the 2nd thursday of each month, occuring without interruption since 2000 in Planetário do Porto – Centro Ciência Viva.

At 21h00, the public is invited to a brief demonstration in the digital planetarium of the nightsky of that night. 

In the end of the demonstration, if the weather conditions allow, the public goes outside for an astronomical observation with telescopes. 

The activity is always accompanied and commented by experts from Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (IA), who show the nightsky inside and outside the planetarium, comment on the most recent discoveries in Astronomy and answer questions from the participants.

“Mais Perto das Estrelas” is a free event with mandatory registration.