gravitational waves

Beyond light
Here, in the Universe series

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On the third talk of the series “Aqui, no Universo”, Lara Sousa, of IA, and Sofia Andringa, of LIP, will tune the Universe through alternative channels to light, that complement the images produced with telescopes, and reveal the stories of the invisible Universe that are yet to be told.

The Three Messengers of the Universe

In the beginning it was light. But today we already have more than one window through which we can observe the Cosmos. Matter particles arrive from the sky and, more recently, gravitational waves. Bring your questions to this session in which we will show you how scientists from different fields work together to probe the unknown. IAstro and LIP joint event.

LARGHISSIMO: Interactive sound installation about space-time

A collective exhibition of sound installations about the concept of “time” includes an immersive interactive experience inspired on space-time and gravitational waves, produced by three artists and curated by the platform Eufonia, in collaboration with the Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (IA).