The earth under the light of other planets
Here, in the Universe series

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Opening up the series “Aqui, no Universo” (here, in the Universe), at Culturgest, Pedro Machado, of IA, and Ricardo Trigo, of Instituto Dom Luiz, cross-reference the comparative study of the atmospheres in other planets with the susceptible and complex variability of Earth climate.

Forecasting the Climate, on Earth and in Space

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Two researchers, of the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences, will introduce two topics climate-related: Climate Change, or the impact of human activities on our planet, and Space Weather, or the impact of solar activity on our increasingly technological society.

Unexpected worlds in our Galaxy

If you would like to have a really eccentric holiday home, there are very weird planets in our Galaxy for you to choose from. The hard task rests with the astronomers, as Sérgio Sousa, of IA, will explain.