Planetália – The Planets’ Party

Planetália - A Festa dos Planetas, 2022

With a privileged view over the sky to the South, the Museum of Lisbon – Roman Theatre is an excellent location to observe with telescopes the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. This is also a chance for the whole family to learn more about planetary systems.

On this Summer night, on the terrace of the Museum of Lisbon – Roman Theatre, telescopes will be pointed to the Moon’s craters, Jupiter’s moons and Saturn’s rings.

Alongside, travel across the Solar System and beyond, in the company of researchers of the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences, with activities for the whole family.

Full programme, in Portuguese.


  • The observations with telescopes are subject to good weather conditions.
  • Free entrance, subject in every moment to the capacity of the museum. Some activities require booking in advance, on the same day.
  • Comments and tours also in English.

Planetália is a joint initiative of the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences and the Museu de Lisboa – Teatro Romano.
R. São Mamede, 3A, Lisboa
Tel: 21 581 85 30


Free entrance


Museu de Lisboa – Teatro Romano
Rua de São Mamede, 3 A
Tel: 21 581 85 30

How to get there

Terreiro do Paço | Baixa-Chiado

714, 732, 736, 737, 760

12E, 28E

Chão do Loureiro, Portas do Sol and Campo das Cebolas