observations with telescopes

8th Concentration of Telescopes in Moimenta da Beira

The 8th Concentration of Telescopes in Moimenta da Beira will bring together the largest number of telescopes to observe the stars more closely, and IA is a partner in the event.

Astrofesta 2023

Free entrance
IA partners with Astrofesta 2023 contributing to the programme with talks by researchers and astronomical observations with telescopes.

IA at Lisbon’s 2022 Book Fair

Free entrance
The Lisbon's 2022 Book Fair will have more Space. Attend talks on black holes, or discoveries on other worlds, and, next to Gradiva Publications stands, see planets through the telescope, or join family activities.

Dark Sky Party Alqueva 2022

Free entrance
Enjoy a full weekend under the starry skies of Alqueva with the activities offered by IA within the programme of Dark Sky Party Alqueva 2022.

Planetália – The Planets’ Party

Free entrance
With a privileged view over the sky to the South, the Museum of Lisbon – Roman Theatre is an excellent location to observe with telescopes the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. This is also a chance for the whole family to learn more about planetary systems.

Stars for Ukraine – Relief Astronomy Event

Free entrance
The Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences (IA) joins the solidarity movement for Ukraine, and organises a free astronomy event to collect goods to be sent to refugee populations from Ukraine.