Eleven astronomy big ideas

Big Ideas in Astronomy - cover

Eleven ideas make all there is, and are one click away. On a single website, there’s everything you need to know about Astronomy and the Universe, in direct and everyday language, and several idioms.

“Big Ideas in Astronomy” is a website and a free booklet, in PDF, summing up what everyone should know about the Universe and our place in it. Developed by the Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (IA) and the Leiden Observatory, Leiden University, in the Netherlands, is was now made available by IAU’s Office of Astronomy Education (OAE), in its second version and in several idioms, including Portuguese.

Eleven essential themes that an astronomically literate person, anywhere in the world, should know, each working as the entry point to fascinating concepts, known since Antiquity or only a few decades ago, covering historical, theoretical and observational aspects of astronomy.

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