Past activities

Mars 2030: Session 1 – Life on Mars

After Earth, the red planet seems to be the body of the solar system where it is more likely to have ever existed life. Conversation with the researchers Adriano Henriques and Zita Martins about the search for Life on Mars.

Ignite IAstro – Guimarães

Free entrance
Researchers from Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço will take us on a journey from the Solar System to the edge of the Universe in five-minute presentations.

Noites no Observatório – Closer to the Unreachable

Free entrance
In this session of Noites no Observatório learn about the new horizons in astronomy and the giant telescopes that promise to take us closer to the unreachable.

IA at the European Researchers Night 2018

Free entrance
In this year’s European Researchers Night accept our invitation and take part in the many activities organised by IA or which we are joining.

Noites no Observatório – An Universe far from trivial

Free entrance
In the July session of Noites no Observatório, with your family or in a team, test what you know about astronomy and discover interesting aspects about what we see in the sky.

Dark Sky Party Alqueva 2018

Free entrance
Enjoy a full weekend under the starry skies of Alqueva with the activities offered by IA within the programme of Dark Sky Party Alqueva 2018.

Noites no Observatório – Inhabiting other Planets

Free entrance
In the session of Noites no Observatório, this May, we will discuss several challenges posed by a human colony on another planet, an adventure that is, without question, of the scope of mankind.