Upcoming activities

Noites no Observatório – Planets to the sound of the stars

Free entrance
This month, in the session Noites no Observatório, learn how astronomers "listen" to the sound of the stars, and then use that information to characterise with very high detail the planets around them.

Past activities

Mars 2030: Session 4 – Beyond Mars

Which other places in the Solar System can we try to inhabit? Will the future generations have a colony awaiting them on one exoplanet? A conversation with researchers Nuno Santos and Ricardo Louro about going beyond Mars.

Mars 2030: Session 3 – Surviving on Mars

How can a staffed space mission survive on Mars? Which mineral and energetic resources will be available? A conversation with Isabel Abreu e Pedro Machado about surviving on Mars.

Noites no Observatório – Planet Hunter

Free entrance
Let's make a journey through the universe of the telescopes and visit a "planet hunter" instrument, with Alexandre Cabral, of IA.

Mars 2030: Session 2 – Going to Mars

To leave Earth and to travel to the red planet implies countless technological and physiological challenges. What will we need to go, to survive and to be able to return? A conversation with researchers Rui Agostinho and Pedro Fevereiro about journeys to Mars.

Noites no Observatório – “Mysterious Universe”

Free entrance
Let's explore the dark side of the Universe and cast light on the unknown in the October session of Noites no Observatório.

Mars 2030: Session 1 – Life on Mars

After Earth, the red planet seems to be the body of the solar system where it is more likely to have ever existed life. Conversation with the researchers Adriano Henriques and Zita Martins about the search for Life on Mars.

Ignite IAstro – Guimarães

Free entrance
Researchers from Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço will take us on a journey from the Solar System to the edge of the Universe in five-minute presentations.