Past activities

[suspended] Ignite IAstro – Ílhavo

Researchers of the Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço will take us on a journey from the Solar System to the edge of the Universe in five-minute presentations.
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Discovering Other Worlds

In this session of Noites no Observatório, we will cover some of the most successful methods used by astronomers to detect and characterise planets outside our Solar System.
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The star of Bethlehem

In this month's Noites no Observatório, one will embark on an historical voyage that will help understand what the astronomical phenomenon "Star of Bethlehem" might have been.
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The Moon… here so close

Let’s learn about the past of this faithful companion of our planet Earth, that also as a place in our future and in our ambition to land on other worlds.
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