The Universe

Video: Multiverse

Modern theories of cosmology appear to predict that our region of space is a minuscule fragment of a huge ‘multiverse’, where over vast distances physical properties, and perhaps the nature of physical laws themselves, can change. Ler mais


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Past activities

Dark Sky Party Alqueva 2018

Free entrance
Enjoy a full weekend under the starry skies of Alqueva with the activities offered by IA within the programme of Dark Sky Party Alqueva 2018.

Noites no Observatório – Inhabiting other Planets

Free entrance
In the session of Noites no Observatório, this May, we will discuss several challenges posed by a human colony on another planet, an adventure that is, without question, of the scope of mankind.

Closer to the Stars

Free entrance
Mais perto das Estrelas (Closer to the Stars) is an astronomical observation event in the evenings of every second Thursday each month.