Exploring the Universe – Leaving Outside the Earth (Festival Antena 2)

Conferência | Explorar o Universo - Viver Fora da Terra

What changed in the last decades regarding our understanding of the Universe and its history? What to expect from the new technologies in the field of Space exploration? And what is the probability of finding life outside the Earth?

These are some of the questions for this public conference, with free entrance, within Festival Antena 2, organized by Antena 2 in partnership with Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (IA).

It will be moderated by João Almeida (director of Antena 2) with the participation of five researchers, three of which from IA.


  • José Manuel Afonso (IA and FCUL)
  • Rui Agostinho (IA and FCUL)
  • Zita Martins (IST)
  • João Fernandes (CITEUC – Universidade de Coimbra)
  • Sérgio Sousa (IA and FCUP).

Full information (in Portuguese) available on the Antena 2 website.


Free entrance


Teatro da Trindade
Largo da Trindade, 7-A
1200-466 Lisboa