Past activities

Strange lifeforms

Are there on Earth organisms capable of surviving in the conditions found in other planets of the Solar System? Let's explore the limits of what we can consider as living.
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Planets to the sound of the stars

This month, in the session Noites no Observatório, learn how astronomers "listen" to the sound of the stars, and then use that information to characterise with very high detail the planets around them.
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Beyond Mars
Mars 2030: Session 4

Which other places in the Solar System can we try to inhabit? Will the future generations have a colony awaiting them on one exoplanet? A conversation with researchers Nuno Santos and Ricardo Louro about going beyond Mars.

Star Party – One sky for all

As part of project 100 Hours of Astronomy, this event celebrates the 100th anniversary of the International Astronomical Union, with many astronomy activities in the emblematic Lisbon Astronomical Observatory
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Closer to the Stars

Mais perto das Estrelas (Closer to the Stars) is an astronomical observation event in the evenings of every second Thursday each month.
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A Christmas away from Earth

This Christmas, set on a journey through the planets and moons of the Solar System and discover some of their secrets.
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Surviving on Mars
Mars 2030: Session 3

How can a staffed space mission survive on Mars? Which mineral and energetic resources will be available? A conversation with Isabel Abreu e Pedro Machado about surviving on Mars.