Naming New Worlds

Dar nomes a novos mundos

Vote in the system Lusitânia until the 31st of October 2015 (23:59 in Continental Portugal). Share using the hashtags: #DarNomeANovosMundos #NameExoWorlds.


  1. No registration is needed;
  2. Only one vote is accepted per device;
  3. The vote cannot be changed after;
  4. Click on the image or go to;
  5. Search for the proposed Portuguese names (Lusitânia, Caravela, Adamastor, Esperança and Saudade);
  6. Validate the option “I am not a robot” that appears after voting and submit.

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Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the discovery of the first exoplanet in 1995, the International Astronomical Union launches a contest to name 20 new planetary systems. Only five stars, for having classical designations, will keep their names. Fifteen stars and 32 exoplanets are now searching for a name.

Nuno Santos, IA researcher, had a decisive contribution to the discovery of one of these exoplanets, located in the planetary system mu Arae. As an homage, Planetário do Porto decided to participate in this competition and propose names based on the Portuguese culture for this system.

The proposed names are:

Lusitânia (star mu Arae)
Caravela (planet mu Arae b)
Adamastor (planet mu Arae c)
Esperança (planet mu Arae d)
Saudade (planet mu Arae e)

Until the 31st of October 2015 (23:59 UTC) you can name these new worlds. With your vote, this planetary system can have Portuguese names!

Download and spread:

Dar Nome a Novos Mundos (cartaz)
Name Exoworlds (poster)

Thank you for helping giving Portuguese names to this system. This is an international campaign and only the most voted proposal will be accepted. Share this page/image with family members, friends, students, teachers and all your contacts that could be interested in having a planetary system with names based on the Portuguese culture.