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Gravity waves on Mars
This image of a dust storm on Mars was taken in 2007 by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, of NASA. Water ice clouds are visible near the polar region, with grooves produced by pressure or temperature oscillations that are features of gravity waves. These waves were most likely caused by wind blowing over a crater ridge.
Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS
Martian atmosphere
Martian atmosphere has nearly one hundredth the density of ours on Earth. It is visible as a translucent layer in this image taken by Viking 1 mission, of NASA, in 1976.
Credits: NASA/Viking 1
Gravity waves on Earth
The atmospheric density variations specific of gravity waves may leave traces on the clouds, as the fingerprint visible in this cloud deck over the Indian Ocean, registered in an image collected by Terra mission, of NASA, in 2003.
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